Serial Sexual Pervert Says The World Should Be More Abstinent

Donald Trump is one of the biggest promoters of abstinence as our government’s singular sexual education policy in recent history. If you think about the history of Donald Trump in regards to his own approach to abstinence (namely his proud disdain for it) we could really just stop the discussion right there, laugh, cry, and wonder how we can possibly keep our sanity till 2020. But, why not make fun of him some more?

Donald’s Department Of Health And Human Services has been attempting to very-low-key promote an astonishingly anti-science, religiously-pandering, public health agenda when it comes to sex education, especially among young people. Last year, he ended grants that helped fund teen pregnancy prevention programs ahead of schedule, and of course they have no plans to renew them — mainly because they were based on medical science and because they worked.

Instead, Donald and the infinite wisdom of people who read nothing but the Bible have been looting the funds from public sex-ed policy that has enjoyed a proven track record of successful results and they’re moving those dollars into programs that focus on one thing — the “Abstinence Only” approach.

In an echo of the failed Reagan administration’s “Just Say No” approach to possibly the only thing more enticing than drugs — namely having sex — Donald and his controllers are expanding the scope of neo-Puritanism to overlap adults as well as teens. The administration is set to shift Title X funds away from family planning services that primarily help poor and vulnerable adult women get contraception. Their goal is to do the same thing, and use it to create adult abstinence programs that instead will lecture these women about how they shouldn’t be having sex unless they’re married. This doesn’t address the problem of unwanted pregnancies after marriage, considering vast numbers of poor single women are still poor after marriage and still can’t afford to have children.

Where Donald takes this to an unprecedented level, though, is in the fact that he’s pandering this bullshit to the actual United Nations. Buzzfeed reported that administration officials were severely preoccupied with pushing other nations into adopting an abstinence only sex-ed policy in their public health systems at a closed-door UN conference on women’s empowerment, while declaring America a “pro life nation.” The move left fellow nations’ delegates in attendance at a loss for words. This is one of those times when you’re glad that the UN doesn’t actually have a lot of force in dictating the policies of individual nations. Member states can just ignore our crazy uncle Donald and let him talk to the potted plants about abstinence, while the adults in the room come up with some actual good ideas.

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