Pro Trumper Matt Schlapp Gets ROASTED Hilariously On Twitter

Poor Matt Schlapp. He was all offended by the recent goings-on at the White House Correspondents Dinner. So, he thought he’d be like his dream boat idol, Donald Trump and take to Twitter to vent his frustrations. As usual, when it comes to conservatives, he forgot that the internet will respond back and boy did they ever respond back.

Here is Matt’s original Tweet that started it all.

It all started with a single reply:

And then came the rest of the internet:

Seriously, Matt, nobody cares about the fact you walked out of a dinner party full of Washington elites who were doing nothing but going around sniffing each other’s farts and complimenting them on the bouquet. I’m sure the Schlapps were so upset that they went home and grief-ate some wildly expensive caviar, opening fresh tins, taking only one bite, then throwing them away only to open another after another, all in front of their illegal immigrant house-servants to remind them that they throw away more money than they pay those people in a month.

The only real complaint possible regarding the Michelle Wolf controversy, and it’s “outraging” of conservatives is this: It doesn’t happen literally every day.

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