Oh Lordy – Trump Brags Up TV Ratings For Freed NK Captives

It helps one to understand the kind of person Donald Trump is, when you see what he prioritizes in his public life as president. One example of this was his appearance along side 3 captives recently released from North Korea, as they disembarked from their plane at the Joint Andrews base.

To make his motivation for being on scene for this event perfectly clear, Donald gave the most tone-deaf greeting you can possibly imagine as they emerged from the aircraft“I think you probably broke  the all-time-in-history television rating for three o’clock in the morning.”

Not “It’s good to have you back,” or even a simple “Welcome home.” The thought most paramount in Donald’s mind was TV ratings… and now you can see why he could be bothered to be there at 3am. He knew the TV cameras would be rolling.

Contrast this with his inability to even give a Twitter high-five to the young man who stopped a mass shooter in a Waffle House without even using a gun. It paints an all-too-accurate picture of what goes on in the mind of the guy.

He still seems to think he’s on a reality TV show. Sadly, his presidency is shaping up to be just that, more and more every day. There isn’t any word on further discussions that Trump had with the freed prisoners, but knowing him he probably gave them pamphlets advertising his Mar-A-Lago club and coupons for 50% off one drink at the bar if they buy an 18-hole golf package.

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