K9 Director Says Police Dogs Would Have To Be Killed If Pot Legalized

At a time when Illinois is getting ready to seriously consider whether or not to legalize marijuana, Chad Larner, training director of the K-9 Training Academy in Macon County, has come out with one of the most ridiculous anti-legalization “pull at the heartstrings” attempts to sway the opinion of voters in the upcoming ballot initiative regarding legalization.

Larner claims that many police dogs would have to be euthanized if weed was to become legal. His reason why — retraining them would lead to “extreme abuse.” Larner wasn’t able to give further details about how retraining a dog is “extreme abuse,” or why he could see no other alternative, such as giving them over to good homes for adoption.

Reactions to Larner quickly went viral on Reddit, and as you already likely guessed, none of it was charitable towards his honestly ridiculous statement. Larner has not issued further comment or walked back his statement as of this writing.

There is no reason that police dogs would have to be literally murdered simply because marijuana was legalized. It’s like saying actual police officers would need to be fired simply because they arrested people for weed in the past. They could easily be retired from service and allowed to be adopted by their handlers, the general public, or used in other public service situations that don’t involve jailing people for innocuous amounts of weed.

Also, if you take into consideration the savings to the state by ceasing to incarcerate people for weed, the costs to retrain a new series of up-and-coming K9 cops would likely break even in the worst case. They’d likely even save money in the long run when you take into consideration the astonishingly high cost to house one convict in a jail.

Anti-legalization efforts are still very strong, even in states that would overall be considered “liberal” simply because of money. The amount of profit for private capital in the form of privatized prisons, and the slave labor they provide for corporations, would be a tremendous loss for “shareholder value” in many causes. This brings many of the most ridiculous reasons out of the woodwork about why we should keep jailing Americans, ruining their lives, and the lives of their families, all over a thing that’s been proven harmless many times over.

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