DeVos Halts Efforts To Probe Fraudulent For-Profit Schools

Betsy DeVos has a highly ironic job in our current presidential administration. She’s called the Secretary of Education, but everything she has done and plans to do is antithetical in every way to the concept of educating people.

Her latest act of pure contempt for America comes with her efforts to bring and end to the special team at the Department of Education that up till now was investigating vast abuses and fraud perpetuated by for-profit “infomercial colleges.” The dismantling of the effort has caused investigations into schools such as DeVry, Bridgeport Education, and Career Education Corporation, to just suddenly go dark without warning.

Perhaps the largest “middle finger” that DeVos threw at the victims of these schools’ fraud, was appointing the former dean of DeVry, Julian Schmoke, as the supervisor of the team that was supposed to investigate DeVry. Yes, she literally took a person who was dean, and could be held liable for massive fraud, and put him in charge of investigating the very fraud he may have directed at his former school. You can’t make this stuff up.

Other former employees of institutions being investigated were also stacked into DeVos’s entourage as well, including Robert S. Eitel — a former lawyer at a for-profit school that was under investigation — as her “senior counsel” and Diane Auer Jones — a former executive at another under-investigation school — who is filling the role of an adviser on post-secondary education.

A Department of Education spokesperson blamed the ending of the team’s efforts on “attrition,” meaning they want you to believe people just up-and-quit while in the middle of all the work. The spokeswoman also insisted that none of the new senior-level employees that used to be in charge of the fraudulent colleges had any influence on the investigative team’s work or the unraveling of the unit.

Meanwhile, many many victims of fraud are waiting for justice that may never come. One example is the case of Josue Perez.

In recent months, the three remaining team members have been looking at small cases and examining student requests for loan forgiveness, like one filed by Josue Perez.

Mr. Perez, 30, said he was persuaded by an admissions officer at Corinthian Colleges’ Everest Institute in the Boston area to take out a $5,000 loan to attend the school for massage therapy.

The officer told him, according to Mr. Perez, that the college would help him find a job when he graduated. But Mr. Perez never received the help, he said, and he still has not worked in the field. The loan has since tripled to more than $15,000, he said.

He has been waiting for more than a year for the Education Department’s decision on his claim to forgive the $15,000, he said. In the meantime, he worries about the department’s new direction.

“They’re basically removing the police force that keeps these colleges in check,” he said.

Source: NY Times

Betsy DeVos thinks the American public is stupid enough to believe that ending all efforts to combat for-profit school fraud, while filling the Department of Education with executives, deans, and lawyers that used to work at the very schools being investigated HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING and you shouldn’t worry about it at all! It seems the only person stupid enough to believe that is Betsy DeVos herself.

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DeVos Halts Efforts To Probe Fraudulent For-Profit Schools

Betsy DeVos has a highly ironic job in our current presidential administration....
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