‘Cocaine Mitch And The China People’ – GOP Challenger Releases Most Insane Ad EVER

There are a lot of political ads that get aired in America. Some are good. Some are bad. Virtually all of them are forgettable.. But then there’s this one which I guarantee you’ll never forget.

Donald Trump was (and still is to many) the perfect example of a “joke candidate” in American politics. However, Don Blankenship has just completely stolen that title from Donald. Blankenship is challenging Mitch McConnell for his Senate seat in Kentucky. Blankenship is an ex-convict coal baron that was jailed for the deaths of several miners at one of his company locations. That alone makes a successful campaign for him a tall order — but when you see this campaign commercial… well… it’s like Blankenship is trying his hardest not to win. You’ll see what I mean in the 30 second ad below.

Did you catch all that? “Swamp Captain” Mitch McConnell, “the China people,” and “Cocaine Mitch”– FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS. And then he looks like a hostage in a ransom video on top of it. What more can you possibly say about this ad, which it doesn’t already say about itself?

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