Bill Maher Slaps Back At Professionally Offended ‘Movie Critics’

Bill Maher is always going to be an important voice on the left-end of the political spectrum — particularly for his specific style of objectivity on certain issues that other people may distance themselves from in order to avoid “offending” someone. One such case of Bill saving liberals from collapsing in on themselves is his analysis of criticism being levied at the latest Amy Schumer movie, “I Feel Pretty.”

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The short version of the movie plot is Amy plays a woman who says “I feel attractive in my own skin, and I just don’t care anymore about people who want to convince me I’m not.” It’s pretty easy of a concept to get behind, especially if you consider yourself a Liberal. Right? Well, leave it up to the internet to find a reason to be offended.

The “critics” immediately started micro-analyzing the film, finding reasons why it’s actually a disaster for social justice. One commentator offered up the idea that in order for the film to be non-offensive to her the role should have been given to a woman of color, ignoring the fact it’s a film starring Amy Schumer. More than one critic also weighed in by criticizing Amy for being, as they called it, “able bodied.” Honestly, does Amy Schumer need to procure some form of disability to be able to work in movies now? And then there was the criticism she was a non-LGBT person. Again, is this really a new requirement for a movie about body image, which can affect everyone?

They called it “Tone Deaf” for all of these reasons. One reviewer even criticized the movie based on the trailer alone. They didn’t even see the film!

There exists, unfortunately, a circle of typically white, bourgeois, liberal, professionally offended, paid, mainstream media shitposters that call themselves “critics,” who find reasons to be offended by literally everything that exists these days. You can’t make a movie, write a song, create a music video, produce a tv show, or stage a theater production without someone finding a reason why you’re harming society.

The tragic comedy of all this comes from the fact that in the majority of cases like these, nobody from the groups these so-called critics are trying to defend asked for their help in the first place. In their lust to tell the internet about how upset they are, they’ve ignored the agency of the very people they claim to want to help by speaking in their place.

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Unless they think that people of color, the non “able-bodied,” or LGBT people can’t do things like watch movies and form their own opinions, and convey them online, they should probably just wait quietly and give people a chance to enjoy things first before declaring everything that isn’t made the way they would have made it “offensive.”

Watch Bill break it down below:

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