OK GOP Legalizes More Bigotry In Latest LGBT Attack

Oklahoma has a lot of problems as a state. Unemployment, drugs, rampant poverty — but the GOP controllers of the state’s government managed to come together and pass a bill that will solve all that — by bashing the gays again.

The OK House passed a bill that will allow adoption agencies to legally discriminate against individuals or couples whose lifestyles “violate the sincerely held (religious) beliefs of the adoption agency.”

That means they get to deny LGBT people from adopting children, with the fact they are LGBT being the *only* reason for the denial. Surely, with public policy like this, God will reward the state for pushing aside those pesky gays with a windfall of jobs.

They called it the “Adoption Protection Act,” and it sailed through the Oklahoma Republican-controlled house on a 60/26 vote. Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign the bill very soon.

People who support the bill, claim that the state’s foster care system is overloaded with children, yet they just shut off what one would think is an entire segment of the population that would have the highest desire for adoption — namely thousands of people who won’t end up having kids the standard way straight people or couples would.

Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, has vowed to fight the bill in court if Fallin signs it into law, calling it “discriminatory, harmful to youth and completely unnecessary.”

It really does put one in awe of the conservative phenomenon in America. There are so many other problems on a state level alone that plague Oklahoma, yet this is where time, effort and money get sank by their elected legislators. One has to wonder if your average Republican voter in the state really thinks that this will make their life better.

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