If Only Michelle Wolf Was As Decent As Trump Supporters

We know you heard by now of Michelle Wolf’s statements at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and the scathing rebukes she’s getting from a lot of the elites in Republicanland and the mainstream media. Perhaps she should hold herself to a higher standard of respectable discourse, like Trump and his supporters have over the past couple of years. It’s certain that the people with money, power, and large public platforms who are criticizing a comedian now, are doing so while holding her to the same standard they’ve held those who live within borders of Trumpville.

Trumpers would never insult a woman the way they claim Michelle did.

Trumpers would never use a public event to shame or humiliate a woman.

It really is amazing the levels that “liberals” will stoop to, in order degrade or humiliate a professional woman like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She’s just trying to serve her country and do the best job she can while helping inspire other women to break that “glass ceiling” we hear about all the time. But, it seems that all your average liberal comedienne can do is mock her, which a Trumper would never do.

We have a duty in this nation to make our political discourse respectable, mature, and participate in it like adults. Michelle Wolf’s words at the correspondence dinner were truly beyond the level of acceptability, and she should take the criticisms coming at her from Trumpers to heart. They’ve always maintained a level of civility and maturity in their policy disagreements, and never sank to the level of name calling, shaming, or other humiliation to try to smear people with whom they do not agree. It’s time that liberals learned from them.

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