Trump Threatens Obama For Doing His Job

Donald Trump is developing a predictable pattern when it comes to the Mueller investigation. Any time some new development that can be seen as a negative for Donald is announced, he throws out some low quality bait on Twitter to try and force the media to report on it, instead of Mueller. Well, it turns out we can do both.

Donald decided he was going to change things up just slightly this time, and instead of dropping ALL of the distraction on Hillary, he would drop most on President Obama because somehow Donald being a crook is all Obama’s fault. Today’s Twitter distraction is below.

Let’s put this into context. Donald is blaming Obama for opening a minor investigation into the Trump campaign potentially getting aid from Russia for their campaign, in an effort to discredit Trump and help Hillary win. Literally only a couple weeks ago, Trump was bitching that Obama didn’t do ENOUGH to investigate Russia’s potential interference. So which is it Donald?

The entire reason for this is because Mueller dropped a huge new piece into place on his investigation this week. Mueller issued subpoenas for “all communications—meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc.—that witnesses sent and received” regarding Carter Page, Corey Lewandowski, Donald J. Trump, Hope Hicks, Keith Schiller, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon. The subpoena calls for all communications from Nov. 1, 2015—five months after the president first announced his campaign—to the present to be turned over.

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THAT is why Trump is trying to shift this to Obama, even though the guy hasn’t been president for over a year now. First Obama didn’t do enough, now he did way too much. Sounds like Donald is wishing that Obama would have saved him from himself, and stopped his presidency before it started. Many people have suggested Trump never wanted to win — he only wanted the attention that a campaign would bring. It seems about right when you see how he’s been acting.

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