People Are Asking How Melania Qualified For ‘Einstein Visa’

It’s called the EB-1 program, and it’s a green card option that very few select foreigners can qualify for which allows remain legal permanent residents of the United States.

The description of the program says that it’s for individuals who have “extraordinary ability,” which would provide an obvious boost to the nation by means of their residence here in America. It’s typically used for renowned academics, professionals, researchers, global business executives, or exceptional athletes, actors, or artists who demonstrate the ability to generate “sustained national and international acclaim.”

So, how the hell did Melania qualify?

In 2001, when Melania got her special pass, out of the 1 million green cards issued in the U.S. only 3,376 were under the coveted EB-1 program. When you narrow that down further, only 5 people from Slovenia (her home country) got them. Out of those 5, one was given to a generally unknown model whose greatest “international acclaim” was one picture of her hugging an inflatable whale in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

To obtain an EB-1 under the extraordinary ability category, an immigrant has to provide evidence of a major award or meet at least three out of 10 criteria. Among them: evidence of commercial successes in the performing arts, evidence of work displayed at artistic exhibitions and evidence of original contributions to a field.

“What did she submit?” asked David Leopold, an immigration lawyer and a past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “There are a lot of questions about how she procured entry into the United States.”

The answer is not all that complicated. Melania met and began to date Donald in 1998. Her association with him raised her public profile somewhat regionally, as she appeared in gossip rags like Page Six and various celebrity columns in association with Donald. To sum it up, she was an early form of Kardashian who was famous for no particular reason and didn’t contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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The best part of all this is that as an EB-1 holder she was able to sponsor her parents for citizenship, using the “chain immigration” process that her own so-called-presidential husband is now maligning and vilifying in the press.

Melania’s lawyer declined to comment on the issue, and Melania herself has referred all question to her lawyer who she knows is already declining comment. So, we won’t be getting any answers any time soon. However, we don’t need any to know the truth. Young gold digger meets aging billionaire who bribes politicians or other governmental officials to call in favors to get his girlfriend declared a genius to save on air fare expenses in their relationship.

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