Merriam-Webster Perfectly Sums Up Post-Trump Era With New ‘Official’ Addition

If you’ve been watching the news, and/or listening to commentary about the general state of affairs since the night of the election in 2016, you’ve probably heard the following word used many times already. It’s practically synonymous with the Trump administration and the state of American politics in general.

Dumpster fire (noun, US informal): “an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence: disaster.”

Yes, Dumpster Fire is now officially a part of MW’s dictionary — and let’s face it, we have Donald Trump and every day of his jackassery since the 2016 election to thank for it.

How many times have you seen this GIF on Facebook or Twitter lately?

“If a word is frequently used enough by some people, it has to be placed into a reference for all people,” Merriam-Webster editor Peter Sokolowski said. He says the word has turned up often enough in print — and on social media — to merit its inclusion.

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There you have it, folks. The post 2016 years will be known as the Dumpster Fire Decade… or perhaps the TRUMPster Fire Decade? You decide.

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