Florida Bans AR15’s — For 15 Minutes

The Florida Senate passed an amendment today, effectively banning the purchase of AR15’s in the state by placing a 2-year moratorium on the sale of the weapons.

Then, 15 minutes later, Republicans sabotaged that by holding a “do-over” and overturning the already accepted amendment on a roll call vote that came in 21/17 to negate it. It’s nice to see that you can just keep re-voting on the same thing over and over again until it turns out the way you want it to turn out in Florida.

It happened during  a rare all-day Saturday session of the state legislature where multiple measures to reduce gun violence were considered. The flip-flop was received poorly at best by state residents who have been pushing for some form of gun control since the recent mass high school shooting in Parkland.

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One survivor of the shooting, Cameron Kasky, took to Twitter to also express his disappointment and re-affirm his and his classmates’ resolve on the issue.

Democrats forced the Republicans to hold an open roll-call vote and have it recorded so the names of Florida Republicans who sold their state out would be a matter of public record, undoubtedly to be used in coming elections.

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