Eyewitness: ‘Trump Lied About Breaking Up Fight In The 90’s’

Donald Trump claimed that in 1991, he personally came to the aid of a man who was being beaten up by a baseball bat-wielding assailant. He made this claim to bolster his assertion that he’d have “ran into the school even if he didn’t have a weapon,” to try to stop the Parkland high school shooting in Florida.

Turns out, an eyewitness came forth from that 1991 encounter and said in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump is lying.

Kathleen Romeo-Nunez was there during the attack. She remembers it clearly, as we all would if we were on the scene during something like this. Kathleen says that Trump did nothing to help in the attack, in spite of his claims.

“He came at the tail end of the event. There was no opportunity for Trump to intervene.”

Sounds about right for General Bone Spurs, finding a way to hide behind something until the danger is over.

Trump’s account goes like this: He was on the way to a Paula Abdul concert with the second wife he cheated on, Marla Maples, and that’s when he claimed he saw the beat-down taking place. He ordered his driver to stop, and then he jumped out of his limo and heroically intervened, ordering the bat-wielding bad guy to stop and put the bat down. Trump claims the man “recognized him” and that made him stop the beating and flee the scene.

Trump also somehow found an anonymous “witness” to corroborate his story at the time — which we all know now was probably Donald Trump himself calling the NY Daily News pretending he was a witness.

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Kathleen Romeo-Nunez was 16 years old and had just came out of a store when she came upon the attack taking place. She said clearly that the remainder of the incident had finished, and the assailant had already darted away and was long gone before Trump even showed up. Once Trump got there, he only “looked around” to see what was going on, then immediately got back into the car and left. He didn’t even call the police, according to records and eyewitnesses. She also made it clear that the attacker was already gone and it was impossible for Trump to have spoken to the man.

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