‘Christians’ Protect Child Rapists’ Right To Marry Their Victims

A so-called “Christian” activist group in Kentucky further removed the few remaining distinctions between Christian fundamentalism and ISIS-style fundamentalism with their recent win in keeping child marriage fully legal in Kentucky.

A bill banning marriage under the age of 17, unless specifically allowed by a judge, was successfully killed with the help of the Family Foundation of Kentucky. The “win” is rather ironic, since the Family Foundation’s website is loaded with anti-sex trafficking and supposedly pro-children lobbying efforts.

Current law allows an adult man to marry the underage child as long as she is pregnant and he is the biological father of the child. In essence, all an adult pedophile needs to do is rape a girl enough to where she becomes pregnant, and he wins. A girl of at least 16 years of age can marry without parental consent. Younger than 16 requires the consent of the parents.

Among supporters of the bill is Donna Pollard, who was married at 16 to a much older man who had been sexually abusing her since the age of 14. She says she faced years of physical and psychological abuse in the marriage, which she was pushed into by her mother. Now, thanks to the Family Foundation, the bill will not even be brought to the floor for a vote.

The Kentucky Family Foundation’s effort to kill the bill banning child marriage is based on the fact it allows the “state” as they phrase it, to “take away parental rights” — meaning that if a parent wants to wed their underage child to their rapist, they feel the parents should be allowed to because apparently the child has no rights of her own.

A state senator, John Schickel, also has a “problem” with the bill because it would require an adult requesting marriage to a 17 year old girl to have a background check for child abuse or sexual offense convictions. Schickel also said he shares the Family Foundation’s concerns that it will prevent parents from allowing their child’s rapist to marry them.

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