WATCH: GOPer Threatens Bakers With Lesbian 3-Somes

A former elected Republican member of the Colorado House Of Representatives has devastated bakers everywhere with the threat of being the recipients of lesbian 3-somes. What else can I possibly say, beyond that’s a real thing that a guy who was elected to a state legislature said.

Gordon Klingenschmitt is known for some pretty ridiculous religious antics, but this one seriously takes the ‘wedding cake,’ as it were. Get it? Ha!

Here’s his actual quote. (video below)

This lesbian couple, like so many other activists, they are not content to have their sin in private, they have got to flaunt it in public! And not just in any public, they have got to come into the Christian business owner’s place of business and force them to join in a sort of perverted threesome … Those demonic purveyors of sodomy are trying to force Christians to participate and in them is the spirit of persecution.


Buddy, don’t threaten anyone with a good time! Alright? As of this writing, our news bureau has not received reports regarding an uptick in “hot girl-on-girl action.” But, we will strive to keep you, our valued audience, updated with the latest developments. If anyone hears of locations under siege with this new threat, please email management… for research purposes.

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