Trump Wants Gov’t To Seize Guns Without Due Process

Look out! There’s going to be a lot of heads exploding with this one. Donald Trump just said in a press event that he wants law enforcement to seize the guns from private citizens, whether they have the right to do so or not. I know that sounds too crazy to be true, but we have the video below to show it.

Donald wants the government, by way of law enforcement, to go around and just arbitrarily grab the guns from people who they *think* might be a problem at some point in the future, and he doesn’t care of the authorities have the rights within the law to do so. He just wants it done – full stop. WOW. A Republican president with an NRA endorsement said that.

And speaking of the NRA, what will they have to say about this? Their own glorious president just literally made a greater threat — in every way of interpreting it — against the Second Amendment than anything that President Obama even floated the idea of doing during his 2 terms in office.

Here’s the vid. I can’t wait to hear what the NRA says.

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It’s been more than a year now and every day Donald has done something crazier than all the days before. Normally he keeps out-right-winging himself but today he went fully “gun-grabbing commie socialist Obama Benghazi” by actually saying he wants governmental authorities to just go around seizing the guns of people they think *might* end up being a shooter one day. I seriously can’t wait to hear the reaction from Republicans.

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