Trump Feels Sorry For Men Who Get Caught Beating Women

Donald Trump sent out an important weekend reminder regarding domestic abuse. His message: “Think of the poor men whose accusers finally have the courage to come forth!”

I wish it was a joke. It isn’t. Right here it is.

So… lets make a short list. Trump has now sympathized with racists, Nazis, pedophiles, billionaires over poor people, and now he’s added woman-beating domestic abusers. I think I need alcohol…

Trump’s amazingly stupid defense of domestic abusers comes on the heels of his administration being hit by yet another amazingly stupid scandal where two of his top aides were exposed as wife beaters. Trump claims he knew nothing of this (of couuurse he knows “nothing”) however it’s being widely floated that Chief of Staff John Kelly did know and shielded it from the public to protect the Administration.

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Trump’s twitter message doesn’t help the “plausible deniability” of the situation either. He’s already saying he doesn’t believe the women and insisting that domestic abusers always deserve “due process.” How you prove something that happened potentially years ago, he hasn’t offered up, outside of simply believing the story that a woman has. That’s the real point — he doesn’t want them to be believed. It isn’t about them, it’s about his presidency not having yet another stain upon it.

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