Seniors On Medicare Are About To Get Thrown Off A Cliff By Trump

Even for people who aren’t fans of Donald Trump, the recollection of his drum beat about how he was NOT going to touch Medicaid or Medicare if elected is well known. He repeated it constantly, nearly as much as he talked about the wall. Well, huge shock incoming — but he lied.

Trump’s new plan about how to “not touch” Medicare equates to over half a TRILLION dollars in cuts to the program ($554 billion estimated). Who gets hit by this? Seniors and people living with disabilities. The aging Republican population’s reward for installing Trump with their votes is to die early because Billionaires are more important than Seniors.

The plan essentially comes down to picking “winners and losers” as MarketWatch reports, meaning while some people may remain unaffected (if they are lucky enough to not have chronic or major medical issues), others will be priced out of their ability to pay for the privilege of not dying to preventable or treatable illness.

It isn’t a hyperbolic description by any means. One example can be found in the prescription drug changes, where people who have an annual prescription bill of between approximately $3,750 and $8,418 would end up paying nearly $1,000 more per year. This is a price that the majority of seniors simply can’t afford, especially with the looming Social Security cuts on the way. They’ll be forced to pick and choose what medications to take, or to ration them, and end up dead as a result.

Another troublesome feature is that Medicare patients would have additional roadblocks imposed upon them by Trump, making it more difficult for them to get referred to other specialists after they are treated for acute health-related issues. They’d simply have to make-do with emergency room treatment when things get too bad to bear, because they would have hard times receiving the managed care they need to avoid costly trips to the ER.

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Donald also loved using the word “negotiate” while running for office. He’d negotiate everything, from the price of gas to the price of lunch meat — and the prices would all go DOWN according to him, because he’s so amazing at negotiating. However, given an incredible opportunity to display his skills, he completely ignored it. Trump’s new plan totally forfeits any ability via Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. This is one of the largest cost-saving mechanisms that could be used to help our seniors and Donald completely left it out of his plan. If the same mechanism for Medicaid was in place on Medicare, it could save the system $16 billion a year. Apparently, corporations are more important to Trump.

Add into this his intentional sabotage of Obamacare, which will end up throwing more than 20 million individuals off of their health insurance, and you see just what level of betrayal we are dealing with — and it was all done to fund tax breaks for billionaires and corporations that are already enjoying record profits for nearly an entire decade.

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