Piers Morgan Keeps Tweeting A Pic Of Himself Licking Trump’s Butt

I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or assert that Piers Morgan has an undisclosed yet very weird kink.

Here’s why — he keeps re-tweeting a picture someone drew of him literally licking Donald Trump’s rear end. The image was created in response to Piers giving Trump the softest of fanboy interviews recently, where he basically acted as a propaganda device for Donald. You’d think Piers, for all his supposed outrage, would be trying to prevent it from being spread around. However, he re-tweeted it more than virtually anyone else.

Here’s one of Piers’ direct tweets sharing it.

If you don’t want people to see a picture lampooning you for kissing Trump’s ass in an interview — DON’T KEEP TWEETING IT! But, alas, Piers didn’t get that memo. He just couldn’t stop retweeting it on his feed.

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I get that he might have taken offense to it. Who wouldn’t? However, the direction he’s taking on this is really poorly thought-out. Piers is trying to equate this with the every-day sexism that women face, by suggesting if someone made this image with two women, it’d be decried by the media, rather than laughed about so heartily. It’s a terrible comparison that isn’t even close to that.

Regardless — Piers, dude, buddy — YOU KEEP RE-TWEETING IT! If it’s so bad… just stop. Please, just stop.

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