Nunes Using Campaign Funds To Run Propaganda Website

Devin Nunes has been caught doing something highly unethical. We know that’s a bit of a “no kidding” statement, given all the unethical stuff he’s done lately. However, this one is completely different from the last batch of terrible things, as you’ll see below.

Nunes has been running his own personal propaganda “news” website for nearly a year now. The site is (down as of this writing due to what they classify as a cyberattack on their servers — how ironic) and has been hosting opinion news articles since at least may of 2017, according to the oldest content on the accompanying Facebook page used to promote the material.

Maybe its the Russians, Devin!

Below we have a few samples of the articles you might find on the website (when it isn’t mysteriously “down” just when it gets exposed in the mainstream media). Initially, the website seemed more restricted to state-based right wing agenda items, like turning public opinion against high-speed rail, trying to convince people that California is turning Republican, and smearing Governor Jerry brown. More recently, though, it’s begun to take on a bit of a pro-Nunes shine by making his fake “memo” sound like a good thing, and protecting the Russians and Trump by undermining the Mueller probe.

The DEMOCRATS are the real Russian bots! — According to Nunes
Bob Mueller is BAD for America — says Devin Nunes
Russians? WHAT RUSSIANS? — Devin Nunes, Jan. 2018
The reason you don’t like the memo is because you don’t UNDERSTAND it, because you aren’t as smart as Devin Nunes.

This is a literal propaganda site, ran by Nunes with campaign funds, that is promoting material wholly unrelated to the Nunes campaign.

The page even has articles promoting extremely caustic right-wing pundits like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder, which is incredibly inappropriate for an elected official. It implies a quid pro quo where Nunes promotes their business interests with campaign funds, and then they, in turn, give him favorable coverage in the media.

Nunes’ “official” Facebook page relented shortly after and confessed that he’s been running a side business with campaign funds in an effort to “get out in front” of the issue. In our opinion, this looks like a very lame attempt to come out after the fact and pretend this was “never a secret.” Technically, it may not have been a “secret” in the literal sense of the word, because Politico reported that there was a very small disclaimer somewhere near the bottom of the website which said the Nunes campaign committee financed it. However, you can tell by the fact Politico just reported on it today, Feb 11th, 2018, this was also not information Nunes appeared to volunteer to either campaign donors, the general media, or fellow legislators.

Poor Devin, those liberal bullies!

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Nunes’ up and coming Democratic challenger, Andrew Janz, lit him up in a statement to the media, when Politico revealed the news to him. “He’s got fake memos, fake websites and fake news,” Janz said. “It’s disappointing to see a member of Congress, especially one who chairs an important committee, spread misinformation to his constituents, who he knows will just eat it up.

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