Nunes Releases Secretly Doctored Memo Without Congressional Approval

Adam Schiff just broke the news that the “bombshell” memo Devin Nunes and Republicans were going to release in an effort to destroy the credibility of the FBI, in order to halt the Mueller investigation is in a word, FAKE — and Schiff has the evidence to back it up.

The memo that was circulated among privileged members of Congress before they voted on releasing it today was doctored, and portions of it were rewritten — assuming by Nunes or at his direction — AFTER the vote was taken in spite of assurances it would be sent to the White House “as is.” Republicans literally altered potentially classified intelligence on the fly, all in an effort to subvert our democracy and shield a criminal presidency. Schiff’s announcement is below.

You can view the 2 page statement sent by Schiff to Nunes, calling him out on what amounts to basically forging a governmental document below. 

Representative Schiff has been at the forefront of the pushback against this fraudulent memo from the start, calling it reckless hyperbole and describing it as a mish-mash of half-truths, out of context statements, and cherry picked factoids which were arranged in a way to back up the false allegations by the Republican party intended to fundamentally purge the FBI of anyone attempting to hold Trump and Russia accountable for interference in our election.

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The Republicans, Nunes in particular, REALLY stepped in it badly this time. There’s no chance this will not blow up in their faces now, especially with everyone’s name on the vote tally. Expect payback in November.

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