Maher And Guest Get Real About Nuance, Intent And Degrees When It Comes To #MeToo Movement

Bill Maher brought NYT editor Bari Weiss on his show for an important segment to discuss not only the #MeToo movement, but an increasingly “zero tolerance” society that’s causing corruption in the agenda liberals have for promoting meaningful social justice reform.

Bill and Bari shared the idea that having a system where only a select few who designate themselves as “leaders” are allowed to have a voice, and when virtually any “infraction” against the dogma of those leaders demands someone has to become a pariah from society, is destroying the legitimacy of the movement.

A bellwether for this issue was the case of Al Franken. He was rolled immediately into the same cast of people like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby by many on the left, and wasn’t even given the dignity of due process and a hearing on his situation, and THAT is the point Bill and Bari are making here.

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These opinions don’t mean that people like Bill or Bari don’t think the #MeToo movement isn’t important. However, it IS imperative that it be guarded against by those who would appropriate it for their own personal agendas and grudges and yes — for their own profit, lest we risk it becoming a caricature of itself and no longer be taken as legitimate, when the issue it was created to address is such an important one.

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