Limbaugh Says Debt Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Rush Limbaugh used to be the guy who cared about the national debt and deficit. Every chance he got, he’d complain about the fact it exists, and blame a Democrat for it — normally that was Barack Obama. As of Nov. 2017, he still seemed to care about if you take what he says on Facebook seriously.

Now, however, when we have a single party in charge of every level of the federal government, debts suddenly don’t matter to Rush anymore. That’s not an exaggeration of something he said that was taken out of context. He’s explicitly saying this now, and we have the direct quotes:

And then I got to realizing that I think one of the reasons so many Republicans are signing on to this is a silly reason, but in their world it makes sense. We’ve got, if this happens, a two-year budget deal, right? You know what that means? They don’t have to worry about being blamed for a government shutdown for two years! That alone is worth signing it, is it not? They’re probably gonna throw a party tonight because they’re not gonna be blamed for a government shutdown… (Rush, defending the Republican budget that along with TaxScam will explode the deficit)

I know I’m sounding kind of cynical here, but it’s not cynicism. It’s a realization that all the arguments, the budget fight every year is the best weapon the Democrats have to portray Republicans as racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, of no compassion, who hate and want to starve kids. It never changes. Meanwhile, we’re told that the national debt’s gonna wipe us out, that the deficit’s gonna wipe us out. We’ve gotta get a handle on the deficit. It’s growing because the national debt is growing.

And I know theoretically all this is bad, but in the real world all of the apocalyptic warnings I grew up hearing have yet to happen. The national debt has not choked us. The national debt is not destroyed us. We may be living in the middle of the destruction and don’t see it yet, but for some reason I didn’t get caught up in it.I think one of the reasons why is I’m not personally affected by these never ending allegations of being responsible for a government shutdown. (Rush, explaining that because debt problems haven’t happened *yet* and haven’t personally affected him, they just aren’t a big deal.)

As the blog HotAir puts it so very well: It’s not worth getting worked up about the debt because it’s bad politics and, when push comes to shove, it hasn’t destroyed us yet. Imagine floating that argument to the populist right circa 2012 about an Obama budget.

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Yeah, imagine if Republicans DID say that during the Obama years. They’d have been forced into protective custody for safety. We know the Right Wing “concern” about the debt has always been nothing but a political stink bomb, but the hypocrisy of it — how do Republican voters not see it?!

Rand Paul is another great example of this. He held a “Fauxlibuster” to run out the clock during the second government shutdown yesterday, and spent his time whining about the spending bill creating deficits.

Rand also voted for the recent GOP Tax “reform” package that was designed to increase the deficit by a minimum of 1 trillion dollars a year. Rand Paul is a liar of the highest order when it comes to his concern for deficits, just like Rush and every other Republican. They don’t care about spending money they don’t have. The only care if it helps Americans in need.

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