Ivanka Falls Flat On Her Face Trying To Tweet About Black History Month

Ivanka Trump tried to prove she isn’t racist by sending out a tweet to “celebrate” Black History Month — I bet you already know this is going to be a disaster after that single sentence, don’t you?

Well, you certainly aren’t wrong! Below is the tweet and one of the best responses to it.

To answer Sonya’s question — NO Ivanka didn’t even use the word Sojourners in the proper context. If you look it up, the word means “a person who temporarily resides in a place.” Sort of a migrant or nomad.

Sojourner Truth was the name of a single black abolitionist and women’s rights activist. Ivanka sort of remembered the word used to talk about black people and thought “HEY! Why don’t I use that to sound WOKE!” But, Rosa Parks and Dr. King were not sojourners, in the context of the common noun. They were what you’d call activists, leaders, etc.

Then comes the worst part. “and we resolve to continue to bring greater equality, dignity, and opportunity to all Americans, regardless of race or background. — Black History Month is about Black History, and Ivanka literally turned into an “All Lives Matter” moment by appropriating it for “all Americans, regardless of race.” Fail… fail… fail…

Rarely does a single tweet reach such Shakespearean levels of tragedy, but proving she truly is a chip off the old orange block she managed to pull it off with a clueless talent reserved for people like her who live in cheap golden palaces and have no clue about the world outside.

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