GOP Wants To Pay Armed Vigilantes To Prowl Schoolyards

The Republicans’ first solution was to lay the responsibility for mass shootings on teachers, forcing them to literally risk death while having to possibly execute their own students, all so they could claim they “did something” about mass shootings. When that plan went over like a lead balloon, they fell back to plan B.

What’s plan B? Give tax credits to your local “gun enthusiasts,” who enjoy pretending they are a militia, to patrol schools while packing heavy ordnance so they can kill any suspicious characters that come near the school.

What a great idea! Let’s pay Cletus and JoeyJimBob some money via tax credits to use their military training they got while watching Alex Jones to protect our kids. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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Can you just imagine this happening? Any time anybody wanted to prevent certain kinds of guns from being in the hands of civilians, they used to cry about their “freedom.” Now, if this were to pass, they’d be bitching about how you’re literally murdering children by trying to control gun sales in any way, shape, or form.

The even more frightening part of this is that the worst possible people will be the most excited to partake in the program. All the white male Rambo fans who fantasize about being the gun-toting hero will be lining up for the chance to kill someone. These are guys with a chip on their shoulder and an agenda to prove to their multiple ex-wives that they aren’t a “loser.” And now the GOP wants to pay them to guard our kids. No thanks.

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