Evangelical: Larry Nassar Sexually Assaulted Young Gymnasts Because They Are ‘Immodest’

Want to know how to make literally any bad situation even worse? Just ask an Evangelical to get involved, and it’ll happen.

That’s what went down when Evangelical hate-preacher Kevin Swanson weighed in on the Larry Nassar gymnastics sex assault scandal. Nassar, if you were not aware, molested and assaulted over 250 young girls during his career as a gymnastics coach.

As most ultra-religious people do, Swanson found a way to blame the victims by smearing these children and accusing them of bringing on their own assaults because of “immodesty.” (He means because of how gymnasts dress.)

There is an infatuation with the body and, of course, the sexual aspects of the body as well. Some sports encourage immodesty, revealing large portions of the body and this happens in some sports. These are the risky sports. Here they are, what are the risky sports? Gymnastics. Gymnastics and swimming. These are the sports in which there is an added risk. Why are all of the gymnasts at more of a risk than other sports? Do you really want your daughters involved in a sport that involves a fair amount of immodesty in which red-blooded American male coaches are interacting with these girls? Or, worse yet, where the infatuation of the body eventually effects the lesbian coaches?

It’s quite a statement. I guess we have to make girls dress in burlap sacks or garbage bags in order to satisfy Swanson’s “safety concerns,” rather than just say the man who molested over 250 young girls is inherently a bad person.

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I’m afraid I don’t understand the lesbian coaches bit, though. Nassar is a guy. I’m pretty sure that means he can’t be a lesbian. But WHO KNOWS?! Maybe if Swanson just believes strongly enough that he’s a lesbian, he will turn into one.

Listen to Swanson’s ridiculous rant below:

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