CA Cops Teamed Up With Nazis To Prosecute Anti-Racist Groups

If you’re a leftist, the police do not like you. It’s not hyperbole or an exaggeration. Law enforcement in our nation, from local cops all the way up to the FBI, has a history of constantly finding ways to harass left-leaning groups because they always seem to think they will be a threat to them.

The so-called threat comes from leftists not wanting a police state, and their opinion that we should hold our law enforcement entities accountable for their actions. That’s why you have things happen like what occurred in California.

Police in California actually chose to team up with white supremacist groups in an effort to identify anti-racist counter protesters, some of which the police actively sought to prosecute.

Court records for the affair also show that police openly expressed sympathy for the white supremacists, and that authorities made efforts to protect a Neo-Nazi organizer’s identity from public disclosure.

This all came to light when three antifascist activists were charged with felonies after protests held in Sacramento. The defendants were urging a judge at the time to dismiss the case while accusing California police and their prosecutor partners of a cover-up and collusion with fascist elements.

Police, of course, are denying the claims, however attorneys for Yvette Felarca, one of the defendants, have uncovered evidence to the contrary.

Felarca’s attorneys have revealed examples of California Highway Patrol officers working with members of the TWP (Traditionalist Workers Party, a Neo Nazi front group), and found many cases where the CHP treated the Neo Nazis as the actual “victims” of leftist counter groups.

One case showed where the CHP investigator Donovan Ayres warned Doug McCormac, a TWP affiliate, that the police may need to release his name in a public records request, but the cops would try to stymie the effort and protect him.

Another example was of CHP investigator Ayres posting Facebook photos of a black anti-fascist activist, after the activist was hospitalized with stab wounds. Ayres included a photo of the activist with his fist raised in what he referred to as a “black power salute” and suggested that this photo alone was “intent and motivation to violate the civil rights” of the Neo-Nazi group. Ayres recommended the activist be charged with 11 offenses, however he was ultimately charged with none. The idea that one photo of a raised fist in salute is “intent” for anything, should get Ayres fired from his job and barred from law enforcement for life.

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The California Highway Patrol has declined all requests for comment on the report. This is nothing new among law enforcement circles. Everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Occupy Wall Street, to Black Lives Matter, and now to anti-fascist protesters are ultimately the targets of the majority of police surveillance and attempts at prosecution.

When people factually state that racism is “institutional,” this is exactly what they mean. However, the “red scare” tactics of law enforcement are on the rise again as well. These interests seek out what they see as subversive elements among progressive, or “leftist” activists, because they view them as a threat to the overarching power of a militarized police state.

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