Brain Surgeon Confused By Rocket Science

One truly has to stand in awe of the irony of a man like Ben Carson, who is talented enough successfully perform literal brain surgery, while being so incapable of what is otherwise common-sense thoughts.

The Washington Post reported on a dinner party anecdote recalled by a fellow guest of Carson’s from a Christmas gathering held in the D.C. area.

‘Did you know,’ [Carson] asked his acting chief of staff, Deana Bass, at a Capitol Hill holiday party, ‘that if North Korea detonated a nuclear weapon into our exosphere, it could take out our entire electrical grid?’

Bass shook her head.

‘What’s that movie where there’s complete lawlessness and anarchy for one night a year?’ Carson said, calmly resting his right hand over his left. ‘The Purge’! It will be like ‘The Purge’ all the time.’

Source: Washington Post

It’s hard to tell how Carson developed a vast knowledge of Nuclear War’s potential side-effects from being Secretary of HUD for less than 1 year. It was already scientifically proven quite a while ago that an EMP from a single nuclear weapon would not in any way take out our “entire” electrical grid.

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More interesting, though, is the fact that Carson really thinks that if the power goes out, Americans will start a free-for-all murder-fest that would be the envy of any Hollywood producer. It sounds ridiculous, but it does give some insight into the mind of your average conservative.

Carson thinks that the average American’s true nature is a sociopathic, murderous one that would cause them to kill someone for half a candy bar if they were hungry. Clearly, Republicans confuse what lies in the hearts of average Americans, with what lies in their own. Perhaps this is why they’re so obsessed with finding new ways to use our own government to punish and torture the population.

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