Anti-Prostitution GOPer Caught Using Prostitute — Twice

A married (of course he is) Republican (again, of course he is) lawmaker who made a point of supporting more harsh and strict laws against prostitution has abruptly resigned from his seat after it was revealed he used a prostitute at least twice in recent history.

Jon E. Stanard was a Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives representing District 62 since January 1, 2013. Both Stanard and his party are totally lying about why he resigned.

Stanard released a statement to the AP saying he did it so he could spend time with his sick father. The party is blaming the “political climate” (the #MeToo movement) and says that no explanation Stanard could offer would help him overcome the “shadow” of this issue.

Meanwhile, back in reality, the evidence is truly damning on Stanard. There’s a long string of text messages between the the two where they discuss appointments, fees, and one where Stanard even tried to negotiate a discount after appearing to have to cancel a session because he was caring for his son, who was sick at the time. We included two of the text message screenshots via The Daily Mail below.

It’s pretty much an ironclad case at this point. The number that the text messages came in to Call girl Brie Taylor’s phone match the one on public record for Stanard.

Photo of Brie Taylor: Via The Daily Mail

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Yet another Republican is caught partaking in the very sin that they crusade against the most. Conservatives need to realize that public law is not a method of self-help for them, and they need to stop trying to criminalize their own behavior in a subconscious effort to give up on their vices.

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