Anti-Immigrant Tucker Carlson Reminded Of When Immigrants Saved His Life

He may have ditched his bow tie, but Tucker Carlson is still the same old horrible person he’s always been. Earlier this week, Tucker took to Twitter to have a good cry, and imply that our “elites” are bringing in too many immigrants to replace what the aforementioned elites saw as a “bigoted native population.” When he says “bigoted native” he means to say “white.”

Poor Tucker… He sure has a bad case of the White Blues. Samuel Oakford, a political commentator, caught wind of his one-man pity party on Twitter and added in a small footnote to put Tucker’s rant into a rather embarrassing context.

The problem with Republicans like Tucker is that they don’t understand the fact other people have memories and eventually one of them will catch them in their hypocrisy. Being in the next bed in an ER isn’t exactly a “private” experience most of the time. You can easily hear the doctors and nurses talking to other patients, and Mr. Oakford seems to recall clearly that there was more than one immigrant helping Tucker to not die. Doctors alone are said to be at a 1 to every 4 ratio. That isn’t even counting nurses or other support staff that all worked to save his life.

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Tucker the Sucker — always ready to be humiliated by reality. Carlson has made no response to Oakford’s gentle reminder that he owes his life, at least in part, to immigrants as of this writing.

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