Amount Of Russians At Trump’s Prayer Breakfast Tripled In 1 Year

At least 60 evangelical Russians flocked to Washington D.C. to totally-not-suspiciously attend Donald Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast. In 2017, there was only 20. Quite a boost in only a year for a guy who is not in league with Putin in any way. Don’t you think?

NO COLLUSION! — say it in your head in Trump’s voice. It’s way funnier. Malcom Nance was one of the first to point it out on Twitter.

Say it with me — No Collusion! While the attendance of these religious zealots (and make no mistake, these people are worse than our American variety) is not “openly” endorsed by or documented to be at the behest of the Russian government, the factual assertion can be made that it’s a definite overture to Trump and the Republican party by Russian power brokers.

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In Russia, the Anti-LGBT fervor that Putin has used for years to deflect and distract from his kleptocratic regime is primarily fueled by the zealous bigotry being broadcast by Russian “Christians” of power, akin to our rabidly anti-LGBT Catholics, Evangelists and hate group leaders here in the states.

You can draw a direct line from these heads of religious state to the Kremlin, and in the space of only one year, their attendance has tripled in number. Remember, NO COLLUSION! Keep saying it in Trump’s voice. At least you can laugh a little while the nation burns.

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