Alec Baldwin Returns As Donald Trump Eating A McMuffin In Bed For SNL Cold Open

Alec Baldwin made a return as Donald Trump for this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open.

For the sketch, Trump appeared on a parody of “Fox & Friends,” the sycophantic show that Trump often live tweets thanks to its favorable coverage of the out-of-control dumpster fire that is his administration.

‘It’s no secret, of course, that the president likes to tweet about what he sees on TV. Thanks to diligent reporting from the White House beat, we know Trump often watches several hours of cable news each day via the “Super TiVo” he had installed at the White House. And journalists at CNNthe Washington PostNew York magazine, among others, have compiled lists of Trump tweets they believe were inspired by Fox.

‘But here’s what is shocking: After comparing the president’s tweets with Fox’s coverage every day since October, I can tell you that the Fox-Trump feedback loop is happening far more often than you think. There is no strategy to Trump’s Twitter feed; he is not trying to distract the media. Heis being distracted. He darts with quark-like speed from topic to topic in his tweets because that’s how cable news works.’ (POLITICO)

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At times during the fake interview, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the parodied Trump and the real thing.

Here’s the video:

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