WATCH: Will Ferrell Makes Triumphant Return To SNL As George W To Humiliate Trump

What better way is there for Saturday Night Live to express just how disgusted a nation is with Donald Trump as president, than to bring “George W. Bush” back on the scene with Will Ferrell reprising his star role as Good Ol’ Dubya?

George was just as folksy and foolish as ever. However, the sad reality is that, objectively speaking, he WAS better than Trump. Even the rest of the nation thinks so. Outside of the SNL universe, Bush’s approval ratings hit an astonishing 60+ percent in recent favorability polling.

Ferrell hilariously reminded us that different does not always mean better, by still being able to nail Dubya. He still could accurately portray the child-like intellect, mispronunciation of words, and general struggles with coherent sentences. It’s easily one of the best openers in months.

Watch the skit below:

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