Watch Colbert’s Hilarious Night Spent Mocking Trump Goon Stephen Miller

We all knew it was coming when we first saw it. Donald Trump’s toady, Stephen Miller, went on CNN and nearly had a psychotic break during an interview with Jake Tapper. Naturally, it became the go-to fodder for comedians and NBC’s own Stephen Colbert was no exception.

Colbert used a couple segments of his show last night in tribute to the cascading failure that was the Stephen Miller interview. First, was a truly great “interview” between a green-screen Stephen and footage of Miller taken from the original interview.

HILARIOUS! Right? I loved when Colbert made fun of his forehead. Seriously, what is up with that? The guy looks like a light bulb in a suit. Next came a gag-reel replay of the original interview with Colbert injecting some well-deserved mockery of Miller in between.

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It was so bad, you almost have to ask yourself — did Donald do this on purpose to try to get people talking about Miller, instead of himself? Does Miller have enough self respect to even care if he did? Probably not. It was a nice try, but your one-day distraction from Russiagate is over, Donnie.

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