WATCH: SNL Can’t Even Be Funny Anymore Thanks To Trump

SNL usually can be counted on to give us a brief weekend relief from six and a half days of stress, worry, and infuriating frustration with the current state of our nation, its politics, and various other sundry issues. Last night, though, it seemed like things got so bad that SNL can’t even deal with it anymore.

They ran a skit about a game show called “What Even Matters Anymore?” and frankly, it really left a raw and empty feeling behind after its short, light comedy. The premise is this: Can Donald Trump and Republicans do anything — literally anything at all at this point — to put off his supporters?

The answer is, it doesn’t even matter anymore. That’s really all there is to it. You name it, no matter what, and it just simply doesn’t matter anymore. That’s America’s politics. That’s our society we’ve crafted over the past several decades. I wish I could laugh more at this, but I just can’t. I’m not angry at SNL. They tried to make the best statement they can, given our current political reality.

Watch the saddest but most important SNL skit ever:

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