Scott Baio Accused Of Molesting Underage Co-Star

Actress Nicole Eggert has accused Scott Baio of molesting her repeatedly from age 14 to age 17, while they were co stars on the show Charles In Charge.

An unrelated Twitter user was responding to Baio’s support of Donald Trump, in light of Trump’s astonishing amount of sex scandals. Eggert saw the exchange, and responded directly to the user, beginning the story of her abuse at Baio’s hands.

Unsurprisingly, fellow Trumpers rushed to Scott’s defense to smear Eggert.

Baio was 23 years old when he allegedly began molesting Eggert, who was 14 years old. That is jail time here in America. And in response to the previous Twitter user, Charles in Charge was not filmed in “Scandinavian Countries.”

Then came the worst part. Scott and his wife took a break from their public worship of Donald Trump, and started smearing Eggert on Twitter. Their main contention is that Eggert admitted that her and Scott had sex “long after” Charles in Charge, and that she was over 18 at the time.

Here is the thing that every single “defender” of Baio doesn’t understand, including his wife. Having sex after with someone after you are 18 does not mean it’s impossible to have been molested and groomed by the same person before you were 18. Whatever she did or did not do with Scott after she was 18 years old is ENTIRELY irrelevant.

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Baio even went on Facebook Live to rant and rave about how he’s innocent and she’s a liar.  It’s really unclear how doing a live broadcast proves anything, since he didn’t introduce any new “bombshell” evidence beyond what he already claimed. Scott, his wife, and his Twitter supporters are essentially slut-shaming Nicole Eggert by using some of what she did post-18-years-old to erase what may have happened pre-18-years-old.

If he’s truly innocent, with such ironclad proof, he wouldn’t have to engage in the amount of public pageantry and spectacle, in order to “convince” people. The evidence would speak for itself. So far, all his protestations and denials have only made him look more suspect.

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