Sarah Huckabee Smears Pelosi’s Appearance – ‘She’s Bitter – Needs To Smile More’

Paragon of beauty, Sarah Huckabee, went on CNN and decided to smear the physical appearance of Nancy Pelosi, during an interview with Chris Cuomo. She told Chris that Nancy looks like she “embodies bitterness” and Sarah thinks that if Nancy could just smile more often, it’d really really help her and the “Democrat” party, as she put it.

This is the person who thinks Nancy Pelosi needs to smile more.


This is the expert on other people physically embodying “bitterness.”

“The nation would be such a better place if NANCY would only smile more!” — While we are forced to see THIS every day of the week.

Below is a video clip of the full statement from Sarah Huckabee. Needless to say, if you didn’t figure it out by now, we disagree with her implied expertise on who should smile more, and who really “embodies” bitterness.

On behalf of Nancy Pelosi, here’s looking at you, Sarah.

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