Evangelical Women Give Trump Pass On Pornstar Affair, ‘He’s Ordained By God’

CNN Reporter Ranti Kaye sat down with a group of Evangelical women (who all happen to look like a mysterious blonde clone army, even the obviously non-white one) to ask them their opinion as “moral Christians” on Donald Trump’s affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen larger concentration of denial and hypocrisy in my life. Wait till you hear their responses. Kaye asked them if the mere fact that Trump appointed a conservative Supreme Court justice, and declared he was “pro life” (he called himself ‘very pro-choice’ in 1999) “wipes the slate clean” as far as Donald’s entire lifetime of fraud, womanizing, affairs, sin, racism, and various other bad things. The response from the group was even more unanimous than their Aryan shade of hair color.

“Whenever anyone accepts Christ into their heart and life, and asks for forgiveness of their sins and makes him Lord, everybody’s slate is wiped clean.”

Kaye asked point blank – “Do you care if your president had an affair before he was President?” They virtually shouted in unison NO! They suggested there were more important things to worry about, like safety (whose safety? Not immigrants or people of color!), the economy (tens of thousands of jobs lost directly because of Trump), and that Christianity is all about forgiveness, so his behavior is completely irrelevant.

They ignore their own words — people have to ASK for forgiveness and accept Jesus. Donald has done and never will do either of these things and they know it. You can distill down why they love Trump just by looking at them and their chorus of bleached blonde hair. They think he will give them religious supremacy, and the fact he doesn’t like those pesky brown people — well that’s a happy coincidence.

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