Trump Announces It’s ‘Back To Work’ Then Immediately Plays Golf For 10 Days

Trump took time out of his busy holiday schedule to remind the common folk that it’s “back to work tomorrow” after Christmas day for little people like them, but these same rules that apply to tens of millions of Americans don’t seem to apply to the Idiot-in-Chief.

This is what he said:

And this is what he will be doing for the next 10 days:

Trump will be taking a 10 day extended vacation to recover from all the strenuous golfing he’s done over the past year at his Mar-A-Lago resort as he boldly implied to the rest of the nation “You had your one damned day off! Now get back to working long hours for poverty-level wages!”

In the interests of objective reporting, he did play golf with one senator one time (Republican Senator David Perdue), so that must be how he’s defining a 10-day stretch of 18-hole circle jerks as a “working vacation.” The rest of the time he spent playing golf with former celebrity pro-golfers — who are a class of citizen that have historically had little to no impact on domestic or foreign policy.

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Just think of it this way — the more he’s on the golf course, the less he is Tweeting or making embarrassing statements from within the actual White House. It’s a slim silver lining, but a silver lining, nonetheless.

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