Trevor Noah Lights Up Twitter With Viral Mockery Of Trump’s ‘Denture Problem’

If you want to make sure that people on the internet do something, the best way to do it is by telling them not to do it. Trevor Noah knows this and that’e exactly what he did last night on the Daily Show, in an effort to crowd-source a good bruising Trump’s fragile ego.

It all started the other day, when Donald had a problem as he was trying to give a speech. He apparently forgot his denture adhesive, and the resulting efforts to resist literally spitting his teeth out of his mouth at the cameras made him sound like he just did a few shotglasses of Novocaine. He was slurring and shwishing his words in a which would give the wino who falls asleep at the bar every Saturday a run for his money.

Of course, this was a prime target for Trevor Noah and the Daily Show writers so as you’d imagine they dedicated a whole segment to it. During their hilarious riff on Trump, Trevor dropped the hint to have everyone join in with the hashtag #DentureDonald. Almost immediately, all hell broke loose.

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Poor Trump. This guy just can’t catch a break these days. It’s gotten so bad now that he can’t even remember to paste his own teeth into his mouth before giving a speech. Mind you, there isn’t inherently any shame in needing dentures, but when you are Donald Trump and take a shit in a solid gold toilet… Well, I’m just saying maybe you can afford to do something more about your teeth with that kind of money.

Watch the clip that started it all below:

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