‘Jersey Shore’ Star Humiliates Trump By Being Smarter About Climate Change Than He Is

Most people are familiar with the show Jersey Shore, and whether you love it (or more likely hate it — or at least enjoy mocking the cringeworthiness of it), one thing’s for sure: One of its cast members knows a hell of a lot more than a sitting U.S. President does when it comes to how the weather works.

“Vinny” a.k.a. Vincent Guadagnino is no dumb-dumb. He maintained a 3.9 GPA as a political science major, according to the Jersey Shore Wiki (yeah, there’s actually a Wiki for it), and was basically the “smart guy” of the crew. Compared to Donald Trump, this dude is a rocket-scientist-brain-surgeon.

Vinny saw Trump’s stupid tweet about how he wished we had more global warming right now to heat up a substantial portion of the U.S. which is in a hell of a deep freeze. Vinny decided to annoy Donald in the best way possible — by shaming him on Twitter with science.

Turns out, Vinny is 100% correct and *surprise* Donald is not.

Vox did a great write up about exactly what is happening right now in regards to our current deep freeze. The cause of it is a higher temperature air mass coming north from the Pacific, which is displacing the western portion of the Jet Stream. This is causing the eastern portion of it to dip down as a result, and that is why polar air is freezing the hell out of half the nation right now in an extremely unseasonably cold spell.

If Donald was able to understand colorful drawings (he isn’t), he could see that if you look above the big blue blob that used to be our mild winter, the temperatures way to the north are substantially higher for that area. The variation is what’s in blue — showing that the air is not where it’s supposed to be. If it were north in its proper spot, it would look like the rest of the map.

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I can’t even wrap my head around how dumb Trump is. The air isn’t where it’s supposed to be – period. Whether its cold or not is really irrelevant at this point because climate change literally relocated North America’s atmosphere. Someone has to have told him this at least once in his life. His response is to request more of it. That’s all we really need to know about his intelligence.

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