Watch Mika Humiliate Trump For Making False Murder Allegations Against Joe Scarborough

One day ago, as of this writing, Donald Trump used Twitter to make a false allegation that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was involved in a murder conspiracy against a former staffer during his time in Congress. The death of his staffer was investigated at length by authorities, and was shown to be an accident induced by an undiagnosed heart condition. This has been a matter of public record for over a decade, but that didn’t matter to the Orange Toddler of Twitter.

Joe took something of a high road and gave a minimal response, saying that to answer Trump is a waste of his time. He isn’t wrong in saying that, but this guy just floated that he’s a murderer. That’s when Mika Brzezinski had enough and came in with her own statement regarding what Donald said, which was far less charitable than Joe’s.

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Mika doesn’t stop at simply berating Trump as a person for his completely disgusting behavior. She went on to frame it in a larger context, citing the actual role of the Presidency and the constitutional violation that Trump engaged in regarding intimidation of the press, as well as an abdication of his responsibilites being the chief law enforcement as head of the executive branch.

When it comes time to engage in impeachment hearings, watch what happens with things like this. You couldn’t really take any one of these kinds of episodes that Trump engages in and use it as the sole basis for removing him from office. However, when the shit really hits the fan, and all these small things come down in an avalanche to demonstrably support the fact he’s incapable of discharging the duties of his office, it’s going to suffocate him. I hope when he’s booted out, he sits crying as he scrolls through Twitter with a sharp regret felt for every single tweet he made.

Watch Mika rip him up in this short clip:

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