WATCH: John Oliver Hilariously Demonstrates How An iPhone Is More Articulate Than Trump

Public speaking isn’t exactly easy, especially when you are off script. It takes a lot of practice and very ordered thoughts to keep yourself on-message and to deliver your point well. When it comes to Donald Trump’s public “speaking” ability… well what can we say? It’s more of an INability than anything else — and that’s exactly what John Oliver demonstrates in this hilarious segment.

The experiment is ingenious in its simplicity: Oliver has someone read back a portion of a Trump speech — exactly word for word — but without all the blustering carnival sideshow flair Trump loves so much. When you hear a normal person repeat Trump’s word salad, it quickly becomes apparent just how wildly incapable this joker is of functioning as an adult… (or even talking).

Watch John show how an iPhone — all by itself, using just predictive text — sounds virtually the same and makes as much sense as our sitting U.S. president. Yes, an iPhone all by itself is about as smart as Donald Trump. (Make sure you watch the whole thing. There’s a break in the middle for just a few seconds, but the short wait is well worth the humor that follows!)

Watch the hilarious clip below:

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