WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Lets Republicans Explain Why Impeaching Hillary Is A Top Priority — Yes, Really

After a year of President Donald Trump being all anyone talks about 24/7, you would think that Republicans would be able to understand that Hillary Clinton did not win the election. The funny thing about that is they don’t seem to, as evidenced in the video below.

In a segment for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, his crew asked random folks on the street if Hillary needed to be impeached. Their answer was a resounding YES, but you have got to watch the video to hear their individual responses because they’re just THAT ridiculous. Some people don’t even know why she should be — but they damned sure know it needs it done!

It makes you wonder where they’ve been for the past year. You KNOW they’ve been watching Fox News, so how the hell could they possibly not know that Donald Trump is our Dear Leader president now?

One thing is for certain — it’s going to be hard work in 2018, even with the orange clown killing the Republican Party, one Tweet at a time. These people are so clueless, they’ll probably vote Republican just to keep Hillary from being elected…even though she won’t even be on the ballot.

Just another reason to get out and vote!

Watch the sideshow below:

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