Watch A Conservative Explain How Molesting Children Is Not ‘Serious’ Because Obama Did Cocaine

Every time that we find a video of someone saying “the worst thing ever” to defend Republican Roy Moore’s pedophilia accusations, someone always ends up saying something even worse. With that in mind, we have the worst comment at this moment in a video below for you. Sit back, scroll down, and enjoy the show.

Brandon Moseley, of the Alabama Political Reporter, appeared in a segment tonight on CNN with Brooke Baldwin to discuss the ongoing saga of Republicans and their brutal smearing of Roy Moore’s victims, while defending his history of pedophilia.

The topic turned to the “seriousness” of the allegations, as if you could argue molesting underage girls is ever “not serious.” That’s where Moseley really went immediately off the deep end with the comments he made. I’ve heard some bad comparisons so far in this fiasco, but this one truly takes the cake.

Watch Moseley’s response to Baldwin below:

Moseley is literally trying to compare minor drug use during youth to having an adult history of sexually preying on underage girls.

Brooke Baldwin’s reaction is how we all feel. Roy Moore shouldn’t be getting such harsh treatment because Obama used cocaine? Because Bill Clinton tried smoking weed one time? Are they serious?

You can watch the full interview below. Always remember — if you’re having a bad day, at least your day didn’t end up like this guy’s did when he appeared on CNN.

Watch the full interview below:

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