WATCH: SNL Cold Open Mocks Creepy Roy Moore And The GOP Cowards Who Can’t Stop Him

Saturday Night Live can always be counted on to take a bad week of political news nonsense, and turn it into the ultimate mockery of conservative America. This weeks opener surpassed expectations by forgetting about Trump for a change, and focusing on the poster boy for everything wrong with the Republican party — Roy Moore.

Moore, as you probably now know, is under intense fire from accusations he molested underage girls when he was 32 years old, then trying to shame his victims and saying they are being paid to lie in order to sabotage his campaign.

SNL opened a can of whoop-ass on this guy in an absolutely scorching opening skit that made him look like the contemptible creep that he is, but also brought into context the complete incompetence of the Republican party who cannot get this guy to step aside before he ruins not only his own race, but the party’s image as a whole (as if it can get worse). “Jeff Sessions” and “Mike Pence” in their SNL alter egos both hilariously tried to convince him to drop out, but much like the real-life version, Moore just doesn’t understand that what he did was wrong.

Wait till you see “Jeff Sessions” turn to his “Papa” for advice. Oh lord, it’s hilarious.

Watch the incredible skit below:

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It’d be even funnier if it wasn’t based in reality, but it helps to remember that humor can be a good coping mechanism sometimes. At this rate, we’re gonna need a lot more laughs to get through the next 3 years.

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