Prankster Mocks Conservative Cry-Babies By Posing As ‘Keurig Customer Service’ On Facebook

You’ve probably already heard about Sean Hannity’s advertiser problem, but in case you haven’t we’ll give you a brief explanation. Hannity is publicly defending alleged pedophile and Republican senate candidate Roy Moore. As a result of his defense of pedophilia, advertisers are pulling their patronage from his show. One of the advertisers was Keurig, originators of the K-cup coffee makers which are everywhere these days.

As a result, conservative Keurig owners have been literally smashing their coffee machines in protest and posting pictures of it online. The joke’s on them. Keurig already has their money — but I digress. As usual for a media storm like this, angry conservatives have been leaving comments on Keurig’s Facebook page with a litany of complains and accusations. That’s where our hero came in.

An unknown prankster with an obvious dislike of Right-Wing politics appeared on their Facebook page using the pseudonym “Keurig Customer Service.” Our mystery hero left some epic responses to the crybabies. Sadly the account was pinpointed and removed not long afterward, but some screenshots were saved to make our hero live on forever online.

Here are the screenshots:


We think Trena is mixing something into her coffee, other than cream.
Tammy finds things that are NOT pedophilia more offensive than ACTUAL pedophilia.
Then there’s Happy, who has an ironic name given his anger.
Apparently Kenneth thinks not liking pedophilia is a “leftist” viewpoint. So what the hell is the right’s view on it then, Kenny?
Steven Peters called his family AND friends and said they should throw away their coffee machines. I bet they got RIGHT on that!
Poor Dan. He screwed himself on this one before he even got a reply.
Threatening to buy a replacement doesn’t take away the money Keurig already got from you.

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Our unknown vigilante will be remembered forever in their attempt to point out conservatives’ own stupidity to them. It was a valiant effort, but apparently even something as disgusting as a grown adult man preying on under-age girls is only a “situational” thing in their minds.

The situation being if a Democrat would do it, they’d be coming out with pitchforks and torches for the guy. If a Republican does it — well that’s just fake news. Maybe one day they’ll wise up, but right now they aren’t even on the first rung of that particular ladder.

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