Alex Jones Is Selling Consumables To His Fans With Unsafe Levels Of Lead In Them

Oh dear lord… Let me just sit here and be absolutely SHOCKED… SHOCKED I tell you, that some of the dietary supplements the Alpha-Shyster Alex Jones is selling on his website are not only a load of bunk, but could actually harm or kill you.

In a recently released report, it was shown that independent study of the supplement known as Caveman True Paleo Formula exposes those who consume it to twice the amount of lead that is considered “safe.” Consumers of the supplement Myco-ZX are exposed to 6 times the daily allowance! Now let me be clear,  there is no level of lead you should be consuming on a daily basis. This is just a guideline saying “try to keep it under this level, and you probably won’t develop severe neurological disorders, impaired intellect, or behavioral problems, among a host of other more physical conditions.”

Severe neurological disorders, impaired intellect, or behavioral problems? Who does that describe? Could it be…. ALEX JONES?

Good lord, 6 times from just ONE suppliment? Imagine if you take several. You’d be….. just like Alex Jones!

The explanation we’ve all been waiting for is upon us. Alex is actually an unwell ma, and not just an actor. He always talks about how he uses his products. Look at the guy. He does look a little caveman-ish and he absolutely acts freakin’ insane. The guy literally ranted about gay frogs, people. No, I am not making that up.

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Who wants to take bets on how long it takes Alex Jones to call this a globalist United Nations Psyop campaign to discredit him before his eventual assassination by a black helicopter full of Obama clone soldiers? I’ll put down a 5’er on it.

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