Republican Insults 15-Year-Old Girl By Shaming Her Family For Having Two Moms

When you hear people talk about Trumpism and the new wave of “out and proud of it” un-hidden bigotry that is associated with it, it’s no joke. I know that sometimes it can seem like a little bit of a stretch to link everything back to one orange dufus, but it’s a very real thing that is bleeding all the way down to our most personal and local levels of government.

A perfect example of this is Jeanine Lawson, District Supervisor of Brentsville Virginia. She managed to turn a completely normal day for a young girl into a horrid thing that this poor child won’t ever forget. 15-year-old Rose BruMar was handing out sample ballots for the Democratic party when she happened to encounter Lawson, who was greeting voters.

Lawson started up a conversation with young Rose, and during the course of that discussion Rose said one of her “two moms” is not a fan of Lawson. That’s when Lawson decided to get very personal, and very insulting.

Lawson: That caught me by surprise a bit. She told me things about her family life, and I told her in a very polite way, I said I believe children deserve a mother and a father. It was not a debate about anything.”

Lawson went on to try to justify the bullying of a 15-year-old girl by erasing how the young girl felt and asserting that there was basically no reason that anyone should be upset, simply because she said so.

Lawson: “There was nothing at all hostile about my conversation with the young lady, so much so that we continued to talk about her guitar lessons afterward.”

Lawson with “anti-sodomy” crusader and avowed anti-LGBT bigot Ken Cuccinelli

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She also described her interaction with the girl as “pleasant and civil.” I’m sure that telling a 15-year-old girl that one of her parents is unworthy and implying that having two moms is somehow harming or disadvantaging her is “pleasant and civil.” Give me a break, please.

One of Rose’s moms, Evelyn, heard a commotion starting when other people nearby heard what Lawson said to the girl, so she quickly intervened.

According to Evelyn:

When I walked up, lots of people were yelling, just getting aggressive. I jumped in as soon as I got there, and told them, ‘This is not how you have a discussion with a child.’

Rose’s parents now want Lawson to be censured for her behavior by the Board of Supervisors, which is a rather soft punishment for such a gross comment. Replace “two moms” with “two white parents.” Suddenly it becomes completely unacceptable. If only Republicans would feel as much trepidation about advocating for anti-LGBT bigotry as they would for racism.

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